About CrimeWhere

About CrimeWhere™

CrimeWhere™ is a community engagement tool providing free access to citizens about crime information in your city. We work with local law enforcement agencies to publish crime data that informs the public and increases awareness. To request CrimeWhere™ in your city, send us an email at info@crimewhere.com and include your location.

Signing Up

To sign up to receive CrimeWhere™ email or text/SMS updates, please visit crimewhere.com and click on ‘Crime Alerts’.

If you are a Law Enforcement agency and wish to connect your crime data to CrimeWhere™, please email us at info@crimewhere.com

Questions & Answers

For questions about how CrimeWhere™ works, please visit our support pages. Our support team has built an extensive knowledgebase that covers nearly every issue on the site in a useful, searchable index of answers. If you still have questions about CrimeWhere™ or wish to contact us for any technical issues, please click here to submit an inquiry.